Inversora Juramento S.A. is vertically integrated in all the business phases: agricultural production, cow-calf, backgrounding and finishing (feedlot), industralization, comercialization and marketing through our own distribution chain. The company participates actively in each step of the production cycle.


The agriculture production, such as wheat, sorghum, soybean, corn and alfalfa is used for feeding the cattle (except for the soybean and wheat crops that are sold to third parties). The company also plants alfalfa under irrigation to provide fiber and protein to cow-calf, backgrounding and feedlot.


The cattle cycle includes three different stages:

  • cow-calf
  • backgrounding
  • fattening (feedlot)

  • In this way, the company meets the specific nutricional needs of each group.


    The company operates through its subsidiary Frigorifico Bermejo S.A., the largest beef processor in the province of Salta and the second largest in Argentina's northwestern region.


    Inversora Juramento develops its daily business activity selling cattle and beef through Frigorifico Bermejo, which subsequently distributes and markets the products through three wholesale distribution centers and five retail sale pointsplaced in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. The companyalso exports to Chile and EU.

    Inversora Juramento S.A.
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