Inversora Juramento S.A. is one of the most important agro-livestock companies in the northwestern region of Argentina, fully founded with Argentine venture capital.

The company is engaged in the beef production to supply the domestic market (NOA) and the international market as well as agricultural production to feed our own livestock.

Located in the province of Salta, Inversora Juramento S.A. is a model company with the highest quality standards. It develop its activities in a group of farms totaling 81.759 hectares, of which more than 56.000 are productive, two thirds with pastures for cattle and the ramaining third for agriculture: mainly soybean, sorghum, corn and wheat.

Inversora Juramento S.A.
Av. Tavella 2491, Salta Capital, CP 4400
Ruta Nacional 16, Km 16 - Finca San Javier, J. V. Gonzalez, Salta, CP 4448
P: (+54) 0387-4352626